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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dragon 99

Dragon 99
9335 Monte Vista Ave
Montclair, CA 91763

Dragon 99 is located on the western part of the Montclair Plaza.  The stupid owners of Montclair Plaza have changed the name of the mall to Montclair Place, but the sign that is visible from the 10 freeway still has Montclair Plaza.

I'm pretty sure this building used to be Tony Roma's. A quick search shows there are still three Tony Roma's are still open in the LA area!! Szechuwan Garden is the other Chinese restaurant I've tried in Montclair.

They have lunch special, which includes soup-choice of wonton, hot and sour, and egg drop, salad rice and a choice of entree for $7.75.

The hot and sour soup was warm, but had good flavor, but not much spice.

The standard green salad with red cabbage, carrots and iceberg lettuce with a sesame dressing.  The white rice was cooked perfectly!

Sauteed string beans- a good dish.  The string beans were cooked well, maybe a tad too much.  But, overall still crispy.  They put a good amount of onions in the dish.  Regular menu price is $8.95.

Shrimp with snow peas.  Surprisingly, this isn't on their regular menu.  But, most of their shrimp dishes are priced at $13.50.  There were about half a dozen medium sized shrimp in this dish  They were cooked perfectly.  The veggies were fresh with carrots, and water crest in addition to the snow peas.  A good dish and well worth the lunch special price.

Service was OK.  They are friendly. But, they took forever to take my order.  They took forever to bring water.  While the restaurant was busy, it wasn't like they were understaffed or overwhelmed.  The food came out quickly and was hot.  So, that wasn't the issue.  Just making me wait forever to take my order and get water!

Dragon 99 is a good value for lunch.  But, you maybe late getting back to work with their slow service.  Now that China Gate in Upland has closed, this maybe the best Chinese place in the area.