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Thursday, January 21, 2016

AYCE Sushi

AYCE Sushi
116 N Grand Ave
West Covina, CA 91791

I found AYCE Sushi looking online.  I figured I would give them a try.  The shopping center is undergoing construction and AYCE is tucked in the corner with no outside sign!!  So, it can be tough to find, especially at night.

A pretty small restaurant that was packed on the night we went.

All you can eat is $25.95 for dinner.  A good deal since most rolls are $10.95 or more each.  I thought the rolls were smaller than other sushi restaurants, which is good, you can try different rolls. 

Crab sushi

Shrimp sushi
Popcorn lobster roll-inside-avocado, crabmeat and cucumber.  Outside- deep fried crawfish.  It was ok, but if you're going to call it lobster put lobster in there.  Yes, I know crawfish and lobster are from the same family.  But, crawfish and lobster are different!

Salmon crunch roll-Inside- avocado, cream cheese, crabmeat.  Outside-slamon.  This was suppose to be deep fried.  It was deep fried but too soggy, as if the oil wasn't hot enough.

Shrimp tempura roll.
Side salad
Shrimp tempura- Frozen shrimp tempura that is deep fried and kept under heat lamps.  Not very hot or crunchy.  Very thin pieces of shrimp.

AYCE Roll-Avocado, spicy crabmeat, cucumber, shrimp tempura. Outside- salmon and tuna.

In N Out Spicy Roll-inside-avocado, crabmeat, cucumber and shrimp tempura.  Outside-spicy tuna and crunch.-  Pretty good but the spicy tuna isn't that spicy.

Soft shell crab- very small soft shell crab.  Crunchy, but very greasy.  Not a good item.

Service was good.   The servers were nice and friendly.  The rolls and sushi came out quickly.  Drinks were refilled quickly.

I would go back to AYCE Sushi, although I would get some of the rolls like the lobster popcorn roll or the roll I couldn't remember the name.  But, overall the sushi is pretty fresh and decent quality fish.  It's all you can eat, I'm not expecting prime grade sushi and if you are, you're an idiot!