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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cassell’s Hamburgers

Cassell’s Hamburgers
3600 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Cassell’s Hamburgers originally opened in 1948.  The original owners sold to restaurant to a Korean family that ran the restaurant like he did.  I went to the Cassell’s Hamburgers back in 2010.  That location closed in 2012.  The talk when it closed was that the owner of the Hotel Normandie was going to purchase the name and recipes, and reopen Cassell’s Hamburgers at the newly renovated Hotel Normandie within eight months of the old place closing.  Well, Cassell’s Hamburgers finally reopened at the Hotel Normandie in late 2014!  There are now plans to open a Cassell's in downtown LA.  The new Cassell's is located about a block from the terrible Pot Pizza Joint, which is another restaurant located in a hotel.

This is a huge corner unit location.  There is long counter/bar in the center and along one of the windows, and tables all over.  Tastefully decorated, it's much nicer than the old Cassell's.

Vegan burger, $10.99, house made farro, mushroom, zucchini, red onion, miso, and flax, with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and pickles.  Served with a choice of sauce-thousand island, blue cheese, mustardy mayo, ranch, house mayo, spicy mayo, BBQ sauce, or ketchup.

The vegan patty was so favorful, and tasty!  While I did put the house mayo, you really didn't need the mayo, it was moist and just full of flavor.  The bun and veggies were fresh.  A very good vegan/veggie burger.  I don't know if the bun is vegan. 

Service- Some good, some terrible.

Except for one thing, the guy who helped me was good.  He refilled drinks, and I was acknowledged and helped quickly.  I did not like the misinformation, or flat out lie, that the house mayo was vegan.  The menu says all the house sauces are made with organic eggs.  I'm not vegan, but there are some vegans, that would be very offended by the misinformation or flat out lie.

The girl, who maybe the hostess/server was terrible.  I walked up to her and asked, if I could sit at the counter.  She was so rude to provide an answer.

The way it's set up, first timers don't know whether to seat yourself or wait for a hostess.  I wasn't going to wait forever and nobody was near the front door.  That's why I went up to that girl.

I really liked the vegan burger and really want to go back for another burger.  But, the rudeness of the hostess/server and the wrong information or flat out lie about the mayo being vegan, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.