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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eagle Rock Green Dragon

Eagle Rock Green Dragon
1733 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

After going to Organix, I noticed Eagle Rock Green Dragon next door.  Chinese restaurants, at least good Chinese restaurants, are rare in northeast Los Angeles.  So, I figured I would add to the number of restaurants I've tried on Colorado Blvd. and went to Eagle Rock Green Dragon, which is number 12!  The other restaurants on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock that I have tried; Cindy's, Eagle Rock Public House, CaCao Mexicatessen, Meea's, Larkin's, Brownstone Pizza, both of them are now closed, Oinkster, Colombo's, Casa Bianca, Blue Hen- which recently closed.

In Febuary, will mark their 5th anniversary.  They take up two spaces in this complex.  When you enter it's the lobby and the kitchen.  To the right is the large dining room.

Vegetable lo mein-$8.95- soft noodles with Chinese broccoli, carrots and soy sauce.  This was a good dish with the noodles perfectly cooked and seasoned.  This was a good dish and a good sized portion.

Szechuan shrimp-$13.95, with a lot of jicama, a brown sauce that reminded me of hot and sour soup minus the sour, some green veggies, and about a dozen small-medium sized shrimp. The sauce was highlight!  Maybe a mild spiciness, but good flavor.  There were a ton of jicama and to my surprise it worked really well with this dish!  The shrimp were well cooked but I thought there could have been more shrimp.  Maybe a bit pricey for the portion size, but quality was right there!

Service is good.  The lady who helped me was nice and friendly.

Overall Eagle Rock Green Dragon is good.  Is it better than Chinese restaurants in Arcadia and San Gabriel?  No, but with so few Chinese options in Northeast LA, unless you go to Chinatown, you won't go wrong going to Green Dragon!