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Friday, January 19, 2018

Twohey's Restaurant

Twohey's Restaurant
1224 N Atlantic Blvd

After 75 years Twohey's Restaurant will close on Feb. 1, 2018, after losing their lease.  So, even though I did a review back in 2008, I wanted to go back to Twohey's one last time. The restaurant hasn't changed much since 2008.  It's a huge place with seating in every part of the space, including the counter.  There was a long line of people, many wanting to make one last visit.

There is talk that Twohey's is suppose to reopen in another location.  But, I'll believe that when I see it.  After the Tail o the Pup closed in 2005, it was suppose to reopen, but the iconic hot dog stand is now in a museum in Chatsworth!  I heard there is a Tail o the Pup food truck and a location was suppose to open in downtown LA, but that didn't happen!

Update Jan. 27, 2018.  Twohey's has found a new location.  They will move to South Pasadena and take over where the Carmine's used to be.  They will stay open at this location until they are ready to move into their new location. They are hoping for a Spring 2018 opening.

Lobster truffle mac and cheese, $18.95.  The only good part of this dish was the large amount of lobster!  There must have been maybe a quarter to half pound of lobster!  The macaroni was cooked well.  But the cheese sauce was like soup.  So thin and lacking flavor!  They need to add more flour to thicken the sauce.  Going to Twohey's may bring back memories, but I can see why some people today don't like it.  Using frozen items and nuking them in the microwave!  I mean come on!  Use fresh ingredients and actually good. 

Service at the counter was good.  But, when I went to pay the manager and the hostess were terrible.  I mean I walked right past them to go to the register.  If they didn't see me they must be blind as hell.  They weren't busy, they were just standing there doing nothing.

 I'm sure there will be people who will miss Twohey's, but it's just an average restaurant.