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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lamill Coffee

Lamill Coffee
1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

A snotty, douchy coffee shop in Silver Lake?  That's Lamill Coffee!! A very pretentious, over priced coffee shop.  Lamill is a big place with two areas of tables, separated by a wall, and their counter.  It's counter service for a price!  What do I mean?  I saw their Service Charge Policy, on the counter, which states a 11.5% service charge will be implemented on all orders.  The fairy tale is that it will help the workers make a living wage.  In reality it boosts the profits of the company.  Also, it is more like a 21% service charge as it's taxes at the roughly 9% rate in LA county!

Breakfast sandwich- scrambled eggs, white cheddar cheese and chives.  $9 menu price when you add their service charge and tax, it is $10.99!! 

This is a good sandwich with well cooked scrambled eggs, a good portion of white cheddar and some chives in the eggs.  The bun was well toasted.  It was worth the price tag since it was a good sized portion and it tasted good.

Service was OK.  The cashier was friendly but had his mind on something else!  He kept going from one tablet to another.  He rang up my order on one tablet and while I was getting money from my wallet, he went to another tablet and tried to do something, then finally noticed I was ready to pay.  What I think happened, was he was ready to clock out when I walked in.  Instead of quickly taking my order, he would have been done within 2 mins, he kept trying to get the tablet to work, so he can clock out.  I know this because within a few minutes after I sitting down, he walked out the door to go home!  The runner who delivered my food to my table, was very nice and friendly.  And my food came quickly, and it was hot and right off the grill! 

I won't go back to Lamill Coffee!  While my breakfast sandwich was good and worth the price, other menu items are too expensive and when you add their service charge, it's just too expensive for the quality of the food!