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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ezze Sushi

Ezze Sushi
650 S Grand Ave
Glendora, CA 91740

Ezze Sushi is just north of European Deli, and has been opened for a little over a year.  The area is redeveloping as a long time Ralph's store has been replaced by Sprouts Market and a Ross store!  Across Grand Ave is Ezze, a new complex with a cell phone store and a few other businesses.

Ezze has three rolls on special everyday for $7.95.  They also have a happy hour from 3-7pm.  And then an After Hour Happy Hour from 7-close, where all hand rolls are $2.95 and one piece of sushi-tuna, salmon, albacore, and yellowtail are $1.85.

My overall impressions of the sushi was they were pretty fresh, but on the small size.

Halibut sushi, $4.95 and Tuna sushi, $4.95- After happy hour special $1.85 for one piece.  In effect from 7pm until close.
 Cucumber roll, $3.95
Shrimp Tempura hand roll-$4.95 regular price. After happy hour special-$2.95,  In effect from 7pm until close.  I'm betting this hand roll at regular price has a bigger piece of shrimp tempura.  But, this was good.
Five- O Roll- Regular price $11.95.  Thursday special price, $7.95. Shrimp tempura, spicy crab, topped with mango.  This was too sweet for me.  The sweet sauce and the thinly cut mango just overpowered the spicy crab.  There was no spiciness in this roll.

Service was below average.  They were nice.  I sat at the sushi bar.  I never got a menu when I got seated.  A stack of menus were in front of me, so I grabbed one.  It took forever them to take my order.  The sushi did come out quickly.  But, I saw the sushi chefs drink beer and that I unprofessional!  I don't care if a customer bought you the beer.  You're there to work, not drink with customers.

I won't go back to Ezze Sushi.  While they have some good specials, the sushi is small and it's not the best quality sushi I've had!