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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gracie’s Pizza

Gracie’s Pizza
4330 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Gracie’s Pizza, is the owner a fan of Gracie Allen?  Anyways, Gracie’s Pizza is about a year old and has been getting good reviews, but I think it's been under the radar in LA's pizza scene.  I haven't found anything written about Gracie's on any foodie blogs or websites.  I found it on yelp, while searching for another restaurant.

A small corner building, Gracie has a few tables as you walk in, a counter along the wall, and the bar and kitchen at the back.  It's a dimly lit room, you wonder if this is a bar or a pizza place. 

Spinach and jalapeno pizza.  $21 plus $3 for first regular topping, $1 each additional topping.  Premium toppings are $6 for the first, $3 for each additional.  Mushrooms are considered premium toppings!? Total $27.45

This was a very good pizza, one that deserves to be on any must try list of pizza in LA!  It's a huge pie about 18 inches or so.  Very good, firm, New York pizza like crust.  Folds over well, holds up to the toppings, and good flavor.  The cheese and veggies are fresh.  But, for $4 total, I expected a bit more toppings on the pizza.  There weren't that much spinach at all.

Service is good. As I mentioned earlier, I found Gracie's through Yelp.  When I read the reviews, I take all reviews with a grain of salt, I saw one idiot yelper, isn't that an oxymoron, give Gracie's one star because of the high prices.  He wrote he bought a couple slices, and a couple beers and the total was $80!!  Well, a couple slices and a couple beers at most would be about $30.  While he could have made a mistake, it could have been a couple whole pies and a couple beers for $80, his review distorts the facts!  Nobody with the IQ above a lug nut would believe a couple slices of pizza and a couple beers would cost $80!

Anyways, I would go back to Gracie's Pizza anytime!  A damn good pizza!