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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Palermo Ristorante Italiano

Palermo Ristorante Italiano
1858 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles

Palermo is between two restaurants that have been reviewed by The New Diner 2; Fred's 62 and House of Pies. Actually, after eating at Fred's 62, I dropped into Palermo to get a to go menu.  The very nice lady gave me a menu and insisted I have a slice of their pizza, on the house!  I thought that sample piece was amazing!  The sauce was perfectly balanced;not too sweet or tangy, the cheese was very good and the crust outstanding.  So I was really looking to coming back and ordering a pizza.

Palermo is a huge restaurant that has been in Los Feliz for a very long time.  They even have their own parking lot! 

I got the medium sausage pizza; $14.20, and it was a disappointment.  The sauce was the same sauce, but they didn't put as much as the sample slice.  The cheese and crumbed sausage was fine but, the crust was blah-nothing like the sample slice.  I thought this was below average pizza.

Service was outstanding.  The people at Palmero, from the managers to the workers, are very well trained in customer service.  You are greeted when you walk in.  You are treated like you're family.  They are very nice to every customer.

While I found the pizza a disappointment, maybe I'll have to order that sample pizza, I'll go back to Palermo and try their pastas or salads.  Maybe The New Diner 2 readers can tell me what kind of pizza that sample slice was.