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Monday, August 12, 2013

Villaggio Pizzeria-Closed

Villaggio Pizzeria
3210 Chino Ave
Chino Hills

A friend had a groupon for Villaggio Pizzeria and I decided it was her turn to pay for a meal, so we used her groupon here.  Located in a strip center, behind Buffalo Wild Wings, Villaggio Pizzeria is a nice good sized pizza parlor.  There are about six flat screen TV's, so if you're a sports fan this is a good place to go.  It was slow when we went for lunch, there was only one other customer during the hour or so we were there.

If this location looks familiar to The New Diner or The New Diner 2 readers, it should, this used to be Bad Bob's BBQ, which closed a few months after I wrote my review.  

Medium, The Village Works, $16.15- Pepperoni, sausage, Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, onions, olives and green peppers-which they put only on her half of the piza, and extra cheese.

The first thing you notice about this pizza is the amount of toppings, which is very generous!!  They do not cheat you on toppings.  This pizza was very heavy and the weight wasn't just the dough.  The toppings were fine, but the sausage was pretty bland.  But, there was barely any sauce and it made for both a dry and bland pizza.  The crust held up really well, it was a thicker crispy crust and it was fantastic.  I wish other pizza places had this crust. 

Service was good.  The young lady was nice and friendly.

I know some people are going to say, you're paying for the large amount of toppings; and while that is true, I have no problem paying for good quality toppings.  While the toppings at Villaggio Pizzeria aren't gourmet, they are better than the chain pizza places, and they do pile them high!  I think overall the pizza is a good value, I just wish they would put more sauce on the pizza.