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Sunday, September 8, 2013

U PiCK Cafe

U PiCK Cafe
720 N Lake Ave Ste 9

U Pick Cafe is next door to The Slaw Dogs, a gourmet hot dog restaurant that I reviewed back in 2010.  Looking at the picture of The Slaw Dogs, I saw that the restaurant next door was called Grand Chicken, and they also served kebobs, sandwiches and pizza.  So, I don't know if U Pick Cafe is owned by the same owners of Grand Chicken or if they are new owners.

Chicken breast kebob; $8.99 with basmati rice and salad.  The menu says a choice of two sides with options like falafel, regular salad, basmati rice, and tabouli salad.  They didn't ask what choices I wanted, but after reading the menu, I asked for rice and regular salad.  They told me if customers do not specify, they will get rice and salad.

The chicken was a bit charred and tough on the outside, but surprisingly moist, tender and flavorful on the inside.  The portion size is a bit small for the price, but overall I thought the chicken was good.

The basmati rice was undercooked and not fragrant or fluffy as other basmati rice I've had.  The salad is fine, with fresh lettuce and a tangy dressing.

Small cheese pizza, $4.99.  I just had to try the pizza.  The pizza is comparable to the large chain pizza, with a slightly better crust. They need to work on the sauce, which was pretty bland.

Service was pretty good.  They should ask what sides I wanted instead of just assuming rice and salad.  Looking back I should have gotten the falafel instead of the salad.  But, they were friendly and helpful.  They seem to care that all customers enjoy the food and their dining experience at U Pick Cafe.

I wouldn't go back to U Pick for the pizza, but I did like the chicken kebob.  Maybe I'll just order a couple kebobs.