Friday, December 28, 2012

Warehouse Pizza

Warehouse Pizza
2340 D St
La Verne

For a relatively small city, La Verne has many pizza options; Mama Petrillo's, Pizza Barn, Sals Pizza and Bagelry, Red Devil Pizza, and Pizza N Stuff, are pizza places I've tried in La Verne.  Most of them are located on Foothill Blvd. If you go further south, towards the University of La Verne, you will find  Warehouse Pizza.

I have known about Warehouse Pizza for a long time and always meant to give them a try but just haven't made it. Located basically across the street from House of Wings and T Phillips, Warehouse Pizza is very popular, the place was packed the day I went, even though ULV is on Christmas break.  It's a big place that was an old warehouse in it's former life.  There is also a good sized patio for people to enjoy.

Small mushroom and sausage pizza, $10.

The crust is a regular crust with a good chewy texture and firmness.  The cheese and toppings are piled on the pizza, which is always good.  I believe the mushrooms are canned, but the sausage is pretty good-nice flavor and seasoning.  But, what I didn't like about this pizza is the small amount of sauce on the pizza.  What small amount of sauce on the pizza had a mild flavor.

Service is good.  The guy who took my order was nice, though he forgot to tell me how long the wait for the pizza would be.  I got my pizza after a reasonable wait.

One thing I saw and it really bothers me is that the guy who took my order seems to be the owner, had his buddies sitting at the counter and they would walk to the fountain soda dispenser and get their own refills!!  The dispenser isn't in a public area like some other restaurants, but it's in an area where servers are getting food etc.  I'm sure that is against health department code.  I didn't see anybody who was sitting at the tables getting their own soda refills.

Despite the owner's friends sitting at the counter the owner did greet and gave quick service to everybody who walked in.  One other thing, it's cash only.  They do not take debit or credit cards.

Overall the pizza was good, but not as good as some of the others I've had in La Verne.  Warehouse won't be my first choice for pizza in La Verne but I wouldn't mind going back.