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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ranch House Cafe and Grill-Closed

Ranch House Cafe and Grill
21130 E Golden Springs
Diamond Bar

Ranch House Cafe and Grill is owned by the same company that owns Carrows and Coco's. They are a steakhouse that follows the Sizzler way of ordering at the counter. All entrees and burgers include unlimited trips to the salad bar.

The salad bar is your standard salad bar; iceberg or romaine lettuce, spinach, and lots of other fresh veggies. They also have a pasta, potato and macaroni salad. The items are all fresh and they are restocked quickly.

The most interesting part of Ranch House is that the servers are NOT allowed to accept tips! It says so on your receipt. They are paid differently than a regular server, but I can't believe that makes up for the lost tips. But, who knows?

Rib eye with mashed potatoes and crispy onion strings, $18.99. I asked for my steak medium, it was more medium rare, which is fine, but a steakhouse should cook a steak perfectly every time! Anyways I'm not expecting this steak to be prime and it wasn't. But, it was pretty good and tender. It could have been seasoned a little better, but otherwise it was fine. It was worth the $18.99 especially considering the unlimited trips to the salad bar.

The onion straws were clearly sitting under heat lamps, because they had lost their crispiness. The mashed potatoes could have been good if they were hot, you can see the unmelted cheese on top.

Service, when ordering was fine. The guy was nice and friendly. The steaks were brought out quickly by a friendly server.

I wanted to try out Ranch House and I came away fairly impressed. Their sides need to improve but their steaks are worth the price. I would come back again.