Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lanza Brothers Market

Lanza Brothers Market
1803 N Main St
Los Angeles

After reading the LA Weekly Story about 6 Tasty Cold Cut Subs under $5, I went to Vince's Market and Lanza Brothers Market. Lanza Brothers Market is located in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles, which used to have a large Italian population back when Lanza opened in 1926.

Vince's is about two blocks east of Maddalena Restaurant at San Antonio Winery. It's really a market that serves sandwiches at a great price. There are some tables outside, otherwise this would be a great place to grab a sandwich before seeing the $200 million a year Dodgers lose next season. Of course, assuming the rude jerk security force at The Dump, Dodger Stadium, allow people to bring food into The Dump stadium.

Italian combo, $5, ham, mortadella, salami, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.  WOW, just wow!!  What a great sandwich.  A great Italian roll, about six inches, with a nice chewy and soft texture.  The meats were fresh, they use Boar's Head- a good quality meat.  I know Boar's Head isn't the top of the line meats.  But, it is a good quality meat.  The meats are cut into thick slices and piled high on the sandwich.  What a treat and deal.  Much better than those Subway sandwich for $5.

Service is good.  The lady who made my sandwich was nice and friendly.  She quickly made the sandwich correctly.  The cashier was also nice and friendly.

If I am around the Lincoln Heights area I am coming back to Lanza!  What a great sandwich at a great pice!! The sandwich is just as good, if not better than the sandwich at Eastside Market Italian Deli, and it's about $2 less!