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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House of Wings Sportsbar

House of Wings Sportsbar
2317 D St
La Verne, CA 91750

A couple months ago while waiting for my friend to arrive for our dinner at Dillon's Pit Bar-B-Q, there was a Farmer's Market on D Street in La Verne. There were many vendors and local farmers selling their goods. The only restaurant on D Street that was actively marketing their restaurant was House of Wings Sportsbar, which was giving samples of the wings. I enjoyed the wings and decided to give them a try.

House of Wings is one of the most uniquely decorated sports bar, I've ever been to. The decor is more of a nice lounge than sports bar, with it's dim lighting and tasteful tables and chairs. If not for the flat screen TV's showing the Olympics and the Dodgers losing, you wouldn't think you're in a sports bar.

Wednesday is 50 cent wings night and the only caveat is you have to order in the quantities on the menu, 5 pieces-regular price-$4.99, 12 up to two flavors-$9.99, or 16 up to three flavors-$11.99.

So I got the 16 piece wings, and for you Cal St. Long Beach graduates, that's $8.00 plus tax, with hot, garlic parmesan, and lemon pepper as my three flavor choices.

The first thing I noticed about the wings, were the huge amount of meat on the wings. Some of the drummettes had so much meat on them, I thought they were a regular chicken leg!! They skin wasn't that crispy, but I prefer wings with more meat than a crispy skin.

Hot-Not as hot as I thought it would be. But, a good flavor, not too vinegary or tangy, which I like. If you're looking for spicy hot wings, try the extra hot because this hot is closer to mild.

Garlic Parmasan-I really liked this flavor, though they put a ton of parmasan cheese on top but that's easily taken care of by shaking off the excess cheese. A good garlic flavor enhanced by the parmasan cheese.

Lemon Pepper-I love lemon pepper as a seasoning, but too many times the lemon just overpowers the flavor. Whoever made this seasoning created the perfect balance between the lemon and pepper flavor. If I had to say what flavor came out most, it would be the pepper but I think the ratio is 51% pepper to 49% lemon.

Service was great!! We were greeted when we walked into the restaurant. The server who greeted us was nice, friendly, and welcoming. She happened to be our server and her friendly ways continued at our table. She came to our table often to ask if we needed anything. She was helpful explain the 50 cent wings special. She did ask if we needed change when she picked up the bill, a pet peeve of mine, but I can overlook that since she provided great friendly service!

I would go back to House of Wings any time and I would like to try other items on their menu.