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Saturday, December 15, 2012


920 N Lake Ave

In 2006 I went to The Fishery in Pasadena and noticed Pietro's a couple doors down. I had planned on going to Pietro's much sooner, but just didn't make it back. Recently a drive to Historic Christmas Tree Lane, reminded me that I need to try Pietro's sandwiches or pizza.

Pietro's is a fairly big sized restaurant with a few tables. The kitchen and counter where you order you food, is huge. My understanding is that Pietro's used to be owned by the Romo's, an Italian market next door, but they are now owned be two different people. Parking can be a bit tight as there is a very busy laundry mat a few doors down.

Hoagie, salami, mortadella, and salami cotto, $8.54.  The best thing about this hoagie was the great Italian roll with some sesame seeds on top.  The bread was light and very soft, with a nice chewy texture.  The bread was cut into three pieces just like  Mario's Italian Deli & Market.

The meats were fine, nothing great or outstanding about them.  But there was only a thin layer of each of the meats and the quality of the meats didn't justify the fairly high price of the sandwich.

Service was below average.  I walked to the counter to order and the guy working there was too busy doing whatever, to greet me.  I must have waited five minutes before he came to the counter and asked if I needed help.  He was nice and made the sandwich quickly.  But, he isn't blind.  All he had to do was greet me and say he would help me soon.  But, no greeting no acknowledgement of my waiting is very bad service and doesn't make a good impression for the restaurant.

I wouldn't go back to Pietro's again.  The sandwich was on the pricey side and I don't think the meats were that great to justify the high prices.  Plus the service needs improvement.