Monday, August 27, 2012

Donahoo's Golden Chicken - Pomona

Donahoo's Golden Chicken
1074 N. Garey Ave.
Pomona CA 91767

I'm driving on Garey Ave and I see the sign for Donahoo's Golden Chicken. I figured; What the hell? Why not update my original review for Donahoo's Golden Chicken in Pomona, from 2005?

I just completed another updated review for the Donahoo's Golden Chicken in Ontario. While I won't continue updating reviews, I could compare both locations of Donahoo's and see which one is better!

Two breast pieces, $4.55.

The major difference between the Pomona location and the Ontario location is the Pomona location doesn't cook the chicken to order. It has a bunch of damn warmers!! I know we live in a fast paced society and we want information NOW. 3G to too slow, so 4G, pretty soon 4G will be too slow, so a 5G network will be built. But, quality food takes time to cook. I much prefer fried chicken cooked to order, than the chicken staying in warmers for hours on end. I mean KFC and Popeyes have warmers, I want something different when I go to Donahoo's! The other difference is the chicken has a better blend of spices. The batter is well seasoned with pepper and other herbs and spices. If you could combine the spice blend in Pomona with the cooked to order chicken in Ontario and you have a great fried chicken!!

The chicken was flavorful, but you could tell it's been sitting in the warmers for awhile. It was starting to get dry and lost some of it's juiciness.

Service is good. The people are nice and friendly.

If I had to pick which one is my favorite; Ontario or Pomona, I would pick Pomona because of the spice blend, even if they are sitting in warmers. But, if you get there are the right time, you may get a freshly cooked chicken!! While both locations are good, this isn't the case of 1A and 1B. Pomona is clearly 1st, while Ontario comes in 2nd.