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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Donahoo's Golden Chicken-Ontario

Donahoo's Golden Chicken
1117 N Grove Ave

Yes, I did review Donahoo's Golden Chicken in Ontario, on the original The New Diner. I had not been to Donahoo's since I did my review 2005. While I'm not planning to review every restaurant again on The New Diner 2, I figured I would review a few restaurants again. This week I was in the area twice and went in both times to try Donahoo's again.

This Donahoo's is has been in business for over 40 years and the owners continue to follow the way Donahoo's taught all franchisees. The main lession being; to cook the chicken to order!! Not having them sit in stupid warmers for hours on end. At the Ontario location your chicken is in the refrigerator, not a freezer, until you order it. Then the a trip into the batter, then the fryer, and in your hands are golden brown fried chicken. The 15 minute wait is worth it, to get freshly cooked chicken. Why anybody would complain about the wait, is beyond me but what do you expect from a bunch of stupid yelpers!! If you don't want to wait, you can always call in your order!!

I ordered two breast pieces, $5.92. The first time I went there the chicken was cooked perfectly!! Tender, flavorful, well seasoned and juicy. This was quite a welcomed change from the last time I went to Donahoo's, when the chicken was undercooked.

But, when I went back a coupled days later to take the pictures you see above, the chicken was salty and very dry. Now the chicken is overcooked!!

Both times the wait time was about the same and the same person was cooking the chicken. So I'm not sure the reason for the inconsistency. The interesting thing I noticed was, both times, the lady would take her tongs and pierce through the chicken breast. Not sure why, maybe to check if it is fully cooked?

Service both times was good. The first time the lady charged my $5.38 for two breast pieces. The second time I was charged the correct amount, $5.92. When the young lady gave me the total I was surprised, but then I looked at the menu price and it was $2.75 each. On my second trip I found out the lady who took my first order was a fairly new hire. I'm not complaining about being charged less. I didn't look at the menu price the first time I went in, so it's not a big deal.

I like the fact that Donahoo's in Ontario cooks their chicken to order. And while I liked my first visit this week better than my past visits or the second visit this week, the inconsistency will keep me from coming back often.