Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Los Amigos Restaurant

Los Amigos Restaurant
20835 Valley Blvd

I love fish tacos and I'm always on the lookout for fish tacos. So, when I saw Los Amigos Restaurant I knew I had to stop in. Located in a small strip mall, Los Amigos used to be Taco Express, but the cook's son bought out Taco Express and renamed it Los Amigos. Of course, he kept his dad on as cook.

Fish taco, $1.39 and shrimp taco, $1.99.

The fish taco is made with talipia, a mild flavored fish. I didn't care for the soggy batter. I want a crispy fish taco. It wasn't the creme or the toppings that made this fish taco soggy, it was the way they fried the fish. They need to make sure the oil is hot!! The portion is a bit small and more soggy batter than fish. The toppings were fresh and fine, but if the fish taco is soggy, it just ruins the fish taco.

The shrimp taco was more of the same soggy batter and fresh toppings, but good sized shrimp.

Service is good. The owner is nice and helpful.

I had read the meat tortas are great at Los Amigos and my friend loved her carnitas torta. So maybe I should have stuck to the regular meat tacos instead of the fish and shrimp tacos. I would go back to try a torta but I wouldn't get another fish or shrimp taco.