Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pompeii Pizza Parlor-Closed

Pompeii Pizza Parlor
1425 Valinda Ave
Valinda, CA 91744

Pompeii Pizza Parlor is located in a very unique shopping center.  Pompeii is located in the back of the shopping center, but there is a huge strip of stores right in front of them.  Not sure how that worked, but the building in front is a newer development.  I'm sure when Pompeii first opened, where the building is now, was their parking lot!

From what I understand the original owners of Pompeii closed a few years back.  Then somebody who worked at Pompeii was reopened the restaurant using the same recipes as before.

Pompeii has two entrances; one for dining in and the other for take out.  The take out has the counter and kitchen, and a couple tables to wait for your pizza.  The dining area is huge, with lots of seating.  Nothing much in terms of decor, but the restaurant is clean, which is more important!

Medium mushrooms and jalapeno pizza, $11.50.  The crust was a thicker than I'm used to, but held up well to the toppings.  Lots of cheese on this pizza-which I really like.  Toppings were fresh and good.  The jalapenos were especially spicy.  A very good pizza.

Service-the people are very friendly and nice.  But, the pizza just took too damn long, about 30 minutes!!  The place wasn't that crowded and there weren't many delivery or to go orders.  Not sure why it took so long?  Pompeii's saving grace was that the people were very friendly.

The pizza is good, the people who work there are friendly, but they need to work on getting the pizza out in a more timely manner!  Next time I'll call in my order.