Monday, November 2, 2015

Bright Star Vegan Thai

Bright Star Vegan Thai
9819 Foothill Blvd Ste F
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

I had high hopes for Bright Star Vegan Thai after trying Bulan Thai and My Vegan Gold.  Bright Star is in the same shopping center as Supreme Plate, a very good restaurant for New Orleans style food.  A fairly big restaurant with booth seating along the right side of the restaurant, along the window and table seating at the left of the restaurant.  Pretty bare in terms of decor, except for the buffet table that has been turned into a Buddhist alter.

Thai fried rice, $8.99.  Brown rice, peas, carrots, onions, and tomatoes with soy chicken.  I didn't see any or taste tomatoes in the fried rice.  The soy chicken was sliced into thin pieces and they were pretty bland and flavorless.  The brown rice was cooked perfectly, the veggies were good.  But, this was too sweet for me.  They added too much sugar and it was also very greasy.  Not impressed.

Chow mein, $8.99 with tofu, yellow noodles, celery, carrots and cabbage.  A pretty bland version of chow mein.  The noodles and veggies were cooked perfectly.  But, there was only a small amount of tofu and it was bland!!  This needed more seasoning or flavor!

Service is pretty average.  Not the most friendly or welcoming interaction, they are just doing their job.

After trying Bulan and My Vegan Gold, I was disappointed in the quality of Bright Star!