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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kaya Asian Cuisine

Kaya Asian Cuisine
1640 W Mission Blvd
Pomona, CA 91766

Kaya Asian Cuisine is basically a sushi restaurant that also serves some Chinese dishes.  Located in the same shopping center as a LA County office and a huge warehouse lumber store, Kaya is a medium sized restaurant.  There is the sushi bar on the right as you enter, and tables spread throughout the store.

Decorated with some title on the wall and a chair rail, it's gives off a warm welcoming feel.

Tuna, $4.50 and shrimp, $4.25,  sushi.  Both are good portions, were pretty fresh.  But, the sushi rice is bland and didn't stick together.  If you dipped it into soy sauce, it would fall apart.

Crunchy roll- $9.50, shrimp tempura, with crabmeat.  There was too much sauce on this roll.  As with the sushi, the rice didn't stick together and would fall apart when dipped into soy sauce.  Next time I order this, I'll ask for no sauce.

Red Dragon roll,$9.95, shrimp tempura and crab meat inside, and tuna outside.  A very good, balance, well executed roll.  I really liked this roll.

Service was good.  There was only one server for the entire restaurant, but I wasn't lacking for anything.  They do a great delivery business, because they had two delivery persons, coming in and making deliveries throughout the entire time I was there.

While Pomona isn't known as a city with a lot of good sushi options, Kaya is pretty good. 

I would go back to Kaya.