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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Highland Park Vegan Night

When I had Cena Vegan, I wanted to try Avocadamama too.  But, they weren't set up that night, or at least I didn't see them. 

Avocadamama is vegan pasta, with some great sauces.

Og Mac-$8, original cheese over rigatoni pasta topped with bread crumbs. The rigatoni is a bit thicker and larger than the rigatoni I've eaten before.  But, the sauce is outstanding.  Good flavor and very smooth.  But, the bread crumbs were too much.  The crumbs were very hard and tough to chew.

I would get this next time, without the bread crumbs.

Service is good.

I would go back to Avocadamama to try some of their other vegan pasta dishes.