Thursday, June 29, 2017

Night + Market Song

Night + Market Song
3322 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

 Night + Market Song is a very popular Thai restaurant in the heart of hipster-land, Silver Lake.  Located a few doors down from the great, but now closed, Knuckle & Claw, it's a small restaurant but there is usually a long wait.  The evening I went, either the air conditioning was out or they don't have air conditioning!  So, it was hot inside the restaurant even though LA was going through a cooling trend after a week of record high temps!.  The restaurant was about 60% filled, so I can only imagine how hot it will be with a packed restaurant.

Shrimp fried rice, $14.  There was some green onions, eggs and four medium sized shrimp. This was a pretty bland dish.  They need to add seasonings in addition to the small amount of soy sauce.  Another small thing was the portion size!  I was starving when I came and the amount barely put a dent into my hunger!  This is one of the most overpriced dishes I have ever had at any restaurant! 

Service, except for the host, was very good.  They seem to have a community service, one person took my order, another refilled my drink, yet another delivered my food.  All were nice and friendly.  I even had another server ask me if I had already been helped!  So, I have no complaints about them.  But, the host was terrible.  I came alone and decided to sit at the bar, where there was only one other person, that has about eight seats.  There isn't much space between the bar and the tables, so I sat down and the host said if we get busy I'll have you move down.  I said I'm not going to move.  Let those people wait.  He then poured my a cup of water, but at the other tables he gave them a carafe of ice water.  The entire time I was there, maybe 45 minutes not one person came to sit at the bar and maybe four people came into the restaurant.  Of course, nobody can predict how many people are going to come into a restaurant at any given time.  But, the bar had only one customer and I sat where I was comfortable.  I sure as hell wasn't going to move for that douchebag host.

I wouldn't go to  Night + Market Song again.  I don't know why they have long wait for below average food at high prices.  Thai Town isn't that far away and you'll get much better food at prices that are about 40% less!  I'll leave  Night + Market Song to all the douchebags hipsters of Silver Lake.