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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sun’s New Kitchen

Sun’s New Kitchen
316 N Azusa Ave
Covina, CA 91722

I found Sun's New Kitchen when I was driving along Azusa Ave.  I thought it would be like Panda Express- a steam table filled with Chinese food and you pick what you want.  While there is a steam table, it's really just for decoration!  They cook to order your meal,including the 1-3 item combo meals!  They have a limited menu for the combo meals, about eight items.  

There are about ten tables inside this restaurant.  It's very nice and clean.  I'm shocked there weren't that many people here!
Shrimp and broccoli, $9.99. This was a very good dish, with lots of medium sized shrimp that were deveined.  A light sauce, with crispy broccoli and carrots.  Well worth the price and a much better deal than many other Chinese restaurants!

Vegetable chow mein, $6.99, with celery, carrots, broccoli, zucchini and cabbage.  The veggies and noodles were cooked perfectly.  I would prefer the veggies to be cut into smaller pieces, but otherwise an outstanding dish!  A huge portion too!

Service is good.  The lady, who I believe is the owner was very nice and friendly. 

I would go back to Sun's New Kitchen anytime!  Very good food, big portions and great prices!