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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mariscos El Puerto

Mariscos El Puerto
5599 Riverside Dr
Chino, CA 91710

Today, David Allen review Mariscos El Puerto in Chino.  Last night I was craving fish tacos but didn't have time to go for a fish taco.  So, when I saw David's review I figured I should go to Mariscos El Puerto.

As you can see Mariscos El Puerto used to be a gas station in it's past life.  It's counter service and they have a bar, if you want to wash down your fish tacos with a beer.  I was surprised that the dining area was pretty large.  There are about 15-20 tables. 

Fish taco-$1.75 and Shrimp taco-$2.29

The first thing about these tacos is that the tortilla is made from corn.  I actually like corn tortillas better because they are firmer and hold up the toppings better than flour tortilla.  When I asked what the fish tacos were made from, I was give the answer a "white fish, sea bass." I'm pretty sure this is swai fish.  It was well cooked,  crunchy,  but there is a bit too much batter.  The shrimp didn't have as much batter as the fish, and there were about 3-4 medium sized shrimp in this taco.  All the toppings were fresh.  Overall I like the fish taco, really like the shrimp taco. 

I understand the fish tacos are $1 on Tuesdays.

Service is friendly and pretty good.  BUT, there was a group of three women in front of me when I arrived.  The must have taken 10 minutes to order their damn food!  I mean, how do they handle what I assume is a busy $1 fish taco lunch rush?  The lady taking the order was nice and friendly, but she didn't have a clue about what fish they use or didn't want to tell me!  She also took forever taking the orders of the 3 ladies in front of me.  The tacos came out quickly. 

I would go back to Mariscos El Puerto, I like the nostalgia of an old gas station turned into a restaurant.  I will go back on a Tuesday and see how busy they are and how quickly they get through the line!