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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wei Wei Asian Express

Wei Wei Asian Express
6465 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115

So I'm in San Diego and I want something quick and good for dinner.  I'm near San Diego St. and find Wei Wei Asian Express.  Plenty of good reviews and pretty close to where I'm staying.  So I head over there.

Located in a shopping center with a Planet Fitness and next door to a barber shop, in a very diverse area, Wei Wei has about 10 tables, but it seems as though most of their business is take out.

Dinner portion of  shrimp and broccoli in garlic sauce, $9.55.  This was a very good dish.  Well worth the price.  They didn't cheat you out of the shrimp- about 12 to 14 pieces and plenty of fresh broccoli.  The garlic was very flavorful but not overwhelming.  I was very impressed.

Service is good.  The orders come out quickly and the guy taking my order was very nice. 

I was very impressed with Wei Wei Asian Express and would go back if I'm in San Diego.