Friday, May 10, 2013

New York Pizzeria

New York Pizzeria
12431 Central Ave

I've always passed by New York Pizzeria but have never stopped in.   But, after reading David Allen's Review of New York Pizzeria, I decided to give them a try.  Located in the Superior Market shopping center, New York Pizzeria is a huge restaurant.  You enter and place your order at the long counter, while trying to ignore all the yankee SCUM memorabilia, like the seats from The House that George Renovated that are pictured in David Allen's review.  The dining area is in back has picnic tables with red and white checker table clothes, and a huge screen TV.  They were showing ESPN the time I went.

I got one of their everyday special; two medium two topping pizzas for $18.99, $21.27 if you use a credit card and you pay the 75 cent service fee-which I believe isn't allowed by the credit card companies.   Anyways, David gave a good review about the toppings but felt the crust was too thin to support the toppings.  New York Pizzeria must read David's reviews because the crust I had, on both pizzas, held up very well.

Pepperoni and sausage.  The pepperoni and sausage were very good.  The sausage was huge and well seasoned.  They were the size of meatballs, hell, they were bigger than some meatballs I've had.  The cheese is good quality and there is a lot of it on the pizza.  I thought the sauce was bland and barely noticed it was on the pizza.  

Salami and mushrooms.  I think the mushrooms are fresh, not canned, and were spread throughout the pizza.  I didn't care for the salami, which was too bland and generic.

Service was good.  The people are nice and friendly.  The guy who brought us the pizzas to the table, was very nice.  When he came out earlier to take pizza to another table, he hold me my pizzas would be out in a few minutes.  This is very good customer service and something that is lacking at many restaurants!  They could take notes from New York Pizzeria.

Overall, I liked the pizza, though the sauce could be better and I wouldn't get the salami, and service is good.   I would go back to New York Pizzeria if I was in the area.