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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Malibu Seafood

Malibu Seafood
25653 Pacific Coast Hwy

After I went to Reel Inn about five years ago, people told me I should try Malibu Seafood-which is about six miles north on PCH.  Well I finally made it to Malibu Seafood!  A very informal restaurant where you order and pick up your food at the counter, and sit at picnic tables which offers a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

Ahi tuna with rice pilaf and green salad, $22.95.  The ahi tuna was a little over cooked.  Ahi tuna should be at medium rare but this was medium.  But, the tuna was very and had good flavor.  They allowed the taste of the ahi tuna to come through, and they didn't over season it.    The green salad was fine, maybe out of a bag but still good.  The rice pilaf was flavorful, though it could have been served hotter.

Fried fish, $3.75.  I wanted to try their fish and chips, but I don't get the chips.  But, Malibu Seafood sells a piece of fried fish al carte.  The fish is Alaskan Cod and is very fresh, and tasty.  The batter is outstanding-light crispy and not greasy at all.  A very good, if pricey, example of fried fish.

Service is good.  The guy who took my order was very nice and helpful.  The order came out quickly and, other than the rice pilaf, served very good.

I won't go back to Malibu Seafood for the ahi tuna dinner- for that price they need to cook it perfectly.  But their fried fish is great.