Monday, May 28, 2012

Bova's Bakery

Bova's Bakery
134 Salem St

So I'm visiting Boston, a city I hate because of it's racist past and the lowlife fans of all their teams. I'm in the North End, which is the Italian part of the city. I wanted a sandwich and found Bova's Bakery after visiting the Old North Church; one if by land, two if by sea!!

Anyways, I asked some people who were at a the laundermat where I could get an Italain sub and they pointed me to Bova's.

Italian sub, pepperoni, salami, hot capicola, and provolone cheese, $7.25. The meats were just regular deli counter meat. There was nothing special about the meats. But, the bread was AMAZING. A chewing crust with a soft wonderful inside, made this bread awesome!! The entire sandwich was made because of the great quality of this bread. The bread is made daily, in house and I bet this bread would be that much more awesome right out of the oven.

Service is good, if a bit slow. The girl who made my sandwich was nice and friendly but she took a long time to make the sandwich.

If I'm ever back in this hellhole city, I would go back to Bova's just for the bread!!