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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Folliero's Pizza & Italian Food

Folliero Pizza & Italian Food
5566 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles

Highland Park is an area of Los Angeles that I usually don't explore much. I don't have any friends who live in the area and it's a bit of a pain to get to. But, I did find out about Folliero's Pizza & Italian Food and decided to finally do a review of a restaurant in Highland Park.

Highland Park has undergone a huge gentrification in recent years. Some idiot racist people are put off because Highland Park is now mostly Latino and you see many Latino restaurants and markets opening in the area. But, I wanted pizza and Folliero's seemed like a good place to try.

Folliero's is on Figueroa, so parking is a bit tough, and it's tough to see their signage. But, it's a dimly lit, galley like restaurant, that was very busy the night I went.

I ordered 10 in. sausage pizza, $6.79. The pizza was huge for a 10 in, but the amount of sausage was limited. The sausage was good, with a strong pepper flavor. It was fresh, not frozen, premade sausage. But, the thing that concerned me was how the fresh raw sausage was stored. It was on a counter with no refrigeration. How did I know? From the front window you can see the cooks preparing the pizza. The table had the veggies and the sausage in separate containers on the top of the counter, but they weren't in any type of refrigerated space or on top of ice. It was just sitting on the counter. Luckily nothing happened, but I'm not willing to take chances of getting food poisoning.

The crust on the pizza was pretty good, a nice crisp on the outside, and chewy on the inside texture. The cheese was pretty good but a bit greasy. Overall the pizza was very good.

What wasn't good was the service. I wasn't greeted when I got to the cashier, he wasn't helpful, he wasn't welcoming. They really need to teach their workers customer service at Folliero's! Greet the customer, be friendly, be helpful.

One other thing, I'm starting to hate the fact that many restaurants are CASH ONLY. Look, I know it was only about $7 for my pizza and I had the cash. But, sometimes you just don't carry cash and have to use plastic. There is a bank across Figueroa and down a few doors from Folliero's, so at least you don't have to go far to get cash.

There are better pizza places in LA, and hell even the chain pizza restaurants provide better service. So, there is no reason for me to come back to Folliero's.