Saturday, March 31, 2012

Upland Kabob

Upland Kabob
733 N Mountain Ave

It's Friday during Lent, so that means no meat. I've gotten tired of eating fish on Friday. So I decided to get some falafel! Upland Kebob has been on my list of places to try but I haven't had a chance to go to the area. So, this was as good of a time as any.

Upland Kebob is a good sized restaurant, that is separated into three parts. The dining room, the buffet table, and the counter area. I wasn't sure if it was a sit down restaurant or a counter service restaurant. It's actually a sit down restaurant, where people can order at the counter for to go orders.

Falafel wrap, $5.95. The falafel wrap was filled with three pieces of falafel, hummus, garlic sauce, lettuce, onions, tomatoes in pita bread. First thing I noticed was the texture of the hummus, a bit more chunky than the hummus I'm used to. But, it was fresh and a nice mild flavor, not that overly tangy flavor I get from most hummus.

Falafel is a chick peas/garbanzo beans mixture that is fried. I liked this falafel because it was crunchy on the outside and had a nice flavorful taste.

All the combinations of flavors worked well with this falafel wrap.

Falafel salad, $8.95 with romaine lettuce, tahini sauce I really just wanted six pieces of falafel, not a damn salad, but whatever. Again the same crunchy outside and flavorful inside. But, one thing I noticed, they used bottle lemon juice!! Why not use fresh lemons??

Service is friendly but kinda of off. I walked in and they told me they do not serve falafel for dinner!! I have never heard of any Middle Eastern place not serving falafel. Then when I told him I wanted just falafel, I got the damn falafel salad. I don't want to pay for stupid lettuce and other stuff I don't want or need.

Overall, I did enjoy the falafel from Upland Kebob. I will go back for their lunch buffet, $11.95 for all you can eat chicken kebobs, beef and chicken shawarma, and many other items.