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Friday, March 9, 2012

9th Street Pizza

9th Street Pizza
231 E 9th St
Los Angeles

I'm always on the look out for new and good pizza places. I've found there are plenty of new pizza places opening up in and around Los Angeles. But, I've found very few good places. 9th Street Pizza was a promising lead and I finally made it down there.

An interesting location, as I didn't see many office buildings nearby, so I'm wondering where they get their business. But, they do deliver, so I'm guessing many of the office buildings and new condos near LA Live are keeping 9th Street Pizza plenty of business.

9th Street Pizza is a thin crust pizza place and I got their two slices; mushrooms and basil, tomato and garlic with a soda combo for $7.07.

Now, I'll admit that I got there a bit late and the slices looked as though they had been sitting around a long time. But, I didn't want to order a whole pizza. But, the crust was very good. Nice and crispy with good texture and held up the toppings well. But, the sauce was just too bland. It's almost as though there wasn't any sauce!!

The mushroom was pretty good. With lots of canned mushrooms on top. But, the garlic, basil, and tomato should have packed some huge flavor but was just too bland. If the slice didn't say garlic, I would have never knew there was garlic on the pizza. Just way too bland.

Service was good. The two guys working were good and helpful.

I would not go back to 9th Street Pizza again. The pizza is just too bland and not worth the trip to downtown LA.