Thursday, March 15, 2012

Connolly's Kitchen-Closed

Connolly's Kitchen
1453 Foothill Blvd
La Verne

Does Connolly's Kitchen look familiar? To long time The New Diner readers it should, this used to be Mr Fish & Chips, until a year ago when Connolly's Kitchen replaced it.

Billed as a genuine Irish food restaurant, I was looking forward to trying their fish and chips. Connolly's Kitchen has the same setup as Mr. Fish and Chips, order at the counter and about five or six tables to eat at.

I got the one piece of fish, $5.50. The fish used is fresh cod, not frozen and premade. So that's a good start. But, this was most disgusting, greasy piece of fish I have eaten!! When I took the first picture it looked greasy. Then when I broke the fish in half, the amount of oil that spilled onto the paper tray, could take a family who is using a car that runs on used cooking oil from La Verne to Las Vegas. I'm betting this piece was either cooked in oil that wasn't hot enough or recooked. Just terrible. Now the cod was a good sized portion and the batter had a nice light crunch. But everything was ruined because it was just a greasy mess.

And packaged tartar sauce??? You want to be authentic and have packaged tartar sauce??

Two large shrimp and chips, $6.00. The shrimp wasn't as greasy as the fish, but still too greasy. The shrimp was a good size but tasted frozen and not that much flavor. The chips weren't fries, but cut potatoes. But, didn't have any seasoning, had been sitting under heat lamps for too long and a few pieces were almost raw!!

Service was good. But, when I walked in two ladies were sitting at a table and talking. But, I didn't know if they were customers or the owners until one of them said HI. Not a good impression to give customers.

I would not go back to Connolly's Kitchen again. A terrible example of fish and chips. Give me the frozen, pre-made fish and chips from Mr. Fish and Chips, anytime.