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Friday, March 23, 2012

Papa Hassan's Grill

Papa Hassan's Grill
882 S Brookhurst St

Papa Hassan's used to be in Orange, near Chapman University. But, a fire destroyed the original location. The owners thought about rebuilding, but the university would to only extend to the lease for a few years, thus making rebuilding a bad business idea.

So about a year goes by and Papa Hassan's Grill opens up in Anaheim in late 2011, right next door to the Sizzler that was reviewed by The New Diner in 2009.

I never went to Papa Hassan's in Orange, but people who have told me Papa Hassan's Grill is a more casual place; you order at the counter and they bring the food to you.

The location is a bit different too. Right across the street is a strip club. The parking lot is very dark. The area won't make any postcards, any time soon.

The restaurant is fairly small and the many fans have made the trek down from Orange. The place was packed the night I ate here. There is seating for about 25 people.

I ordered the chicken kebob plate that included salad, rice, and pita bread, $11.95.

The salad was pretty standard, with iceberg and romaine lettuce, cucumbers, a slice of tomato, and pita chips. The lettuce wasn't that fresh, but it was ok. Nothing exciting or memorable about this salad.

The chicken kebob came with onions and green peppers. Though some parts were too charred, the chicken was moist and tender. But, it lack a lot of flavor, it was too bland. They needed to add more seasoning to the chicken. The portion size was good and the rice was cooked perfectly. But, overall I would have to say I wasn't impressed with the chicken.

Service was friendly, but kind understaffed. The person who took my order is the owner, I believe. He was trying to get orders out and take my order and wasn't doing a good job. I was waiting at the counter for about 5 minutes while he got the orders out. He should hire a cashier, who's many responsibility is to take orders. When I placed my order, I wanted to dine in but all the tables were taken. He left and went to the back. I had no idea what was happening, until he brought a table and chair out. That's great he got a table for me, but at least tell me what you're doing so you don't leave me hanging. My food came quickly, though I had to go up and ask for silverware.

Maybe the food has changed since moving from Orange, but I don't see the hype for Papa Hassan's. I won't return.