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Monday, January 28, 2019

Otomisan Restaurant

Otomisan Restaurant
2506 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Otomisan Restaurant was listed in a LA Eater as one of 15 Hidden Gem Restaurants for the winter of 2018.  A Japanese restaurant in Boyle Heights intrigued me and I made a trip down here.

It's a small restaurant with counter seating in the left and about four booths in the right.  The last booth the owner, and sushi chef  were on their phones.  There were only two other customers the entire time I was there.

Spicy tuna roll, $6.95 and shrimp roll, $6.95.  Both rolls were huge.  Good sized portions with plenty of spicy tuna.  The shrimp roll, had small thin pieces of shrimp.  Both were fresh.  Well worth the price, especially for the portion size.

Service was good.

Otomisan Restaurant has ramen, teriyaki and other items, but their sushi selection is limited.  I won't rush back, but have no problems going back.