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Monday, July 30, 2018

Seasalt Fish Grill

Seasalt Fish Grill
812 W 7th St,
Los Angeles, CA 90017

LA Eater recently released their 18 best places to get fish and chips in LA.   I was looking forward to trying Seasalt Fish Grill.  I looked at their website and from this screenshot, taken July 29, 2018, they list their hours on Sunday from 11am-3pm.  I took a screenshot, because they could finally get a clue and update their damn website!

So, I'm near 7th St. and I call at 11:30am, just to make sure they are opened.  Nobody answers.  I call back 30 minutes later, samething, no answer.  Then I checked their yelp page, which lists their hours as closed on Sundays.

Why does the Seasalt Fish Grill yelp page have a more updated hours, than their official site?  Needless to say, I didn't go, since they are closed on Sundays.  I did call on Monday to tell them to update their website.  They have not responded to the email I sent.

Of course, Seasalt Fish Grill will be filed under terrible service!  They should have updated their website as soon as they changed their weekend hours.  It appears they have been closed on weekends at their 7th St. location for a while.  Yet, they never bothered to update their website!



At about 4pm on Monday July 30th, the owner of Seasalt Fish Grill replied to my email.  I read the email about 7:30pm.  He apologized for not updating their hours.  He offered to make up for wasting my time going there on Sunday!  He said that they are working to correct as he wrote the email.

Well, I checked their website and the hours STILL had not been updated, as this screenshot shows!!  And as I am writing this update, about 1:30pm on July 31st, I checked their website again and the hours STILL have NOT been updated!!

While I appreciate the owner trying to make up for his company's mistakes, there is something wrong with that company, if they continue to make mistakes.  Attention to details!  Updating the website with the current hours, isn't hard to do.  I have no idea when they changed the hours, but for them to still not have the hours updated, after the owner emailed me and said they would update their website, just shows me this restaurant doesn't pay enough attention to details!!  Sorry, but I'm not going to give this restaurant anymore chances!