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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Rock House Sliders

Rock House Sliders
7950 W Sunset Blvd Ste 103
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Rock House Sliders- RHS for short, opened up about two weeks ago in the space that used to be Luca on Sunset-which was a nice restaurant with a good vegetarian menu.

It's a big space with the right part of the building the kitchen and the order counter.  The left part has tables spread throughout. 

Veggie Burger-$4.89- Imposssible burger patty, lettuce pickles, and American cheese.  This is bigger than what most people would call a slider, but not as big as a regular sized burger.  It was fine, but for the portion and price, not a good value at all.  You can get a full sized Impossible burger at Fat Burger for about $10 and the portion would be double this.

Cheesy fries, $2.89.  The fries were cold, and the cheese sauce had a weird texture, as if too much flour was put into the roux, or at worse this is a powdered cheese sauce.

Service was ok.  The guy, who maybe the owner or manager was nice, helpful and friendly.  The cashier who was next to the guy, was just going through the motions.  Not friendly, not helpful-I asked if that Veggie burger was vegan.  She said yes.  I said what about the American cheese.  That's when the manager stepped in and told me they are working on a 100% vegan burger.  You get a pager and when it rings you pick up your food.  When I picked up my food nobody said thank you, or even acknowledged I was there.  Then there was a worker in the dining room and the entire time he was mopping the floor.  Must have been 45 minutes.  The room isn't that big.

Maybe they need time to work out the kinks, but this is a very pricey, small portion place and their claim to fame-being halal, isn't true for this franchise!  There is The Counter maybe 100 yards east and I doubt this was last too long.  But, I wish them the best.