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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Naked Fish

Naked Fish
14720 Pipeline Ave Ste A
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Naked Fish is next door to, the now closed 1 + 1 Dumpling, and next to Roscoe's Famous Deli.  This space used to be Mes Amis, a Mediterranean restaurant, that was very pricey.  It's a small restaurant with tables along the edge of the restaurant and the sushi bar to the left as you enter.  It's a nice warm inviting place.

Crunchy Giants-$10.99- shrimp tempura roll topped with snow crab and crunchy flakes.  It's not snow snow on top.  It's the imitation crab you usually get with California rolls.  This was ok,the top would just come off when you dipped it into the soy sauce and the shrimp tempura was overcooked, very chewy! 

Spicy tuna hand roll-$3.99 and shrimp tempura roll-$5.99.  The spicy tuna hand roll was huge!  Lots of good fresh spicy tuna.  The shrimp tempura roll was good, better than the shrimp tempura roll on the crunchy giants roll, but they put too much of a sweet sauce!!

California roll-$4.99.  Good, fresh, but they need to stop advertising this as snow crab.  This is imitation crab!

I ordered the nigri suhi-regular tuna $4.99 and shrimp $4.99.  They list nigri sushi by their Japanese name. Maguro for tuna and ebi for shrimp. But, I forgot to take a picture.  The shrimp was good.  But the tuna didn't take fresh at all. 

Service is good.

Naked Fish is pretty good.  Not outstanding or a must try.  I won't rush back, but wouldn't object to going back.