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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grizzly’s Biscuits & Donuts-Closed

Grizzly’s Biscuits & Donuts
353 W Bonita Ave
Claremont, CA 91711

David Allen recently reviewed Grizzly’s Biscuits & Donuts, so I decided to give them a try.  Grizzly's is an upscale fresh donuts place in the Claremont Village.  They have all different types of donuts, which start at $2 and I saw a couple at $4.  Now some people may gasp at paying $2 for a regular donut, but remember Donut Man charges $4 for their fresh strawberry and peach donuts!

Tangerine, ginger fritter, $4.- This was a terrible donut and a waste of $4.  The donut was hard and chewy and had only a hit of tangerine and ginger flavor.  You're better off going to Donut Man and getting their apple fritters for $2, about twice the size and half the price!

S'mores donut- marshmallow, chocolate, over a cinnamon donut, $3.50.  This was a good but overpriced donut.  It's a neat thing to try once, but not so outstanding that I would order again. 

Service was OK. Nothing outstanding and nothing bad.  But, they did charge tax on the donuts.  Now, every donut store I've been to, there hasn't been tax.  Maybe the tax laws changed?

Hipsters, douchebags, and pretentious jerk people make like Grizzly's, but I wouldn't go back to Grizzly's again!  The donuts are overpriced and average at best!  Make the drive to Donut Man!