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Monday, July 17, 2017

Spike’s Cake Shop

Spike’s Cake Shop
660 Fairplex Dr
Pomona, CA 91768

Almost two years ago, David Allen review Spike's Cake Shop and raved about their Mexican food and sweet cakes.  I'm sure the tree that blocks the signage for Spike's Cake Shop grew much larger due to the rains we got this winter!

I have been meaning to give them a try but never made it until today.  Hidden away in a strip mall with a Burger King and other small businesses, Spike's Cake Shop used to be Spike’s Teriyaki, so when the current owners took over, the decided to take down teriyaki and replace it with cake shop.  It's weird setup with tons of Mexican sweet breads and cookies on one wall of the store, then the counter where you order.  There are a few stools to dine in but it's mostly a take out place.

Bean, cheese, rice burrito, $4.37 with tax.  I figured I would do a comparison to Juanita's and see who had the better bean, cheese, and rice burrito.  The burrito at Spikes is made with a fresh tortilla and decently flavored beans and rice.  There was some cheese in the burrito, but not an overwhelming amount.  This was a bit dry and could have used some sauce, which I wasn't given any.  Or maybe I had to pay extra for sauce.  While Spike's is a bit more expensive, it is better and just a bit bigger than Juanita's.

Service was pretty good.

I would go back to Spike's before I would go back to Juanita's for the burritos.