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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Upper House

The Upper House
352 S Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711

The Upper House was reviewed by David Allen last week.  About five stores down from Pollos Kikiryki, is The Upper House-a sit down Chinese restaurant that took over a fast casual Chinese restaurant called Royal Panda.

Lunch special shrimp with broccoli and snow peas, $9.95. with soup-hot and sour and white rice.  The hot and sour soup was served warm and wasn't that spicy.  It did have a nice tangy flavor.  The shrimp was plentiful-about a dozen medium sized shrimp cooked perfectly.  The broccoli could have been cooked a little longer.  It was practically raw.  The snow peas were cooked perfectly.  The sauce was a bit bland, a little more seasoning this would have been very good.

Vegetable lo-mein, $8.95. Snow peas, green onions, cabbage, bean sprouts.  A very good dish, well seasoned and cooked.  A lot of food for the price.

Service was good but they are suppose to open at 11am.  I got there at 11:20 and the server was knocking on the door!!  What was weird was she had to knock a couple times before they opened the door for her!  Come on be professional!  If your sign says open at 11am, open at 11am.  While eating she was very nice, came by the table often, and took care of the other 2-3 tables.  So, no complaints about the service while dining.

I would go back to The Upper House, but their prices on the regular menu seem a bit high.  The vegetable lo-mein is the regular menu price, but the shrimp with broccoli and snow peas is $13.95!! They better give you a ton of shrimp for that price!