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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Grill ‘Em All

Grill ‘Em All
19 E Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801

Grill ‘Em All has been on my list of places to try since 2013.  I finally made it to Grill ‘Em All, which is not far from Hot Red Bus, a mediocre and pricey fish and chips restaurant.   It's a very different restaurant.  You feel like you stepped into a Kiss/heavy metal concert.  Black paint everywhere, a few tables with chairs straight from a classroom, heavy metal music on the TV and the coming from the speakers, a different setting.

Winger aka the Stewart Burger – with a veggie patty, American, lettuce, tomato, pickle, thousand island, $10.  All their beef burgers are half pound.  But, you can get a veggie or turkey patty, no extra charge, instead.  Their veggie patty is made with black beans and corn, very tasty.  But, this burger is dry.  They need to put more thousand island dressing.  The bun was good and the veggies were fresh.  Besides being dry, this was a good burger.

Service is acceptable.  The girl who took my order was fairly nice and friendly.  But, when helping the customer before me, it took forever!  I'm not sure what the issue was, I saw three other people come help,  but damn, what the hell took so long?

I won't go back to Grill ‘Em All.  The burger is good and service is acceptable, but the entire theme-heavy metal, is a huge turnoff.  The burgers aren't so great that I can overlook the heavy metal theme.  If heavy metal is your thing, you'll love Grill ‘Em All!  It's just not my thing.