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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tender Greens

Tender Greens
621 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101

Having gone to Citrus Kitchen, I decided to go to the Tender Greens in Pasadena.  I had gone to the Tender Greens in Santa Monica and was impressed with the food.

Tender Greens is basically the chain version of Citrus Kitchen.  The Pasadena location is huge, while ample seating.  It's a cafeteria style order system.

Mac and cheese, $5.  Very good, but the macaroni was a bit undercooked.  The cheese sauce was great, nice and creamy.  It would have been a great dish if the macaroni was cooked properly!

Herb brushed albacore, butter lettuce salad with taragon dressing, yukon gold mashed potatoes, $11.50.  The salad was very fresh and tasty.  It was all green butter lettuce, not a mix of red butter lettuce, but it was good.  Taragon dressing had a slight tang to it, adding flavor but not overpowering the salad.

Yukon gold potatoes were perfect!  Nice and creamy and very good flavor.

The herb brushed albacore was cooked rare and seasoned very well.  Fresh fish and great flavor.

Service was good and bad.  The two people, one for food and the other for drinks, taking my order were nice, friendly and helpful.  The cashier was terrible!  She didn't bother saying thank you, she was too busy talking to her coworkers and being a robot-"You ordered the albacore, with mac and cheese.  Your total is $20."  After getting our food, I went to get silverware and they only had one fork left in the container.  I went back to the cashier and told them very nicely that there were no more forks.  She seemed to be bothered by the fact that she had to do more work!!  The cashier had little customer service skills!

Tender Greens has good food, but the prices are high for the portion size and aren't a good value.