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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smash Burger

Smash Burger
602 W Huntington Dr
Monrovia, CA 91016

Smash Burger is a Colorado based burger chain, that has come into the crowded Southern California burger market.  I don't know their concept and don't want to google them either.

Smash Burger in Monrovia is located in a shopping center that is filled with other chain restaurants!   Smash Burger offers burgers made with beef, there are two sizes available, chicken, or a black bean.  You can create your own or order from their selection of burgers.

There is ample seating inside and a patio with about eight tables with umbrellas!  They need to put more trash cans!!  After we finished eating, I couldn't find any trash cans on the patio and had to walk to the left of the front counter to find a trash can.  I know it wasn't a long walk to the front counter but come on put a trash can on the patio or at least by the door!

Avocado Ranch Black Bean Burger, $6.39, fresh avocado, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato & ranch dressing on a multi-grain bun.  This was a great burger!!!  The black bean patty was thin, which is good, because it didn't fall apart like many bean burgers.  The texture was great and perfectly seasoned.  The toppings were fresh.  A very good and filling burger.

I also got an regular order of fries, $1.99.  I was surprised at how thinly sliced the fries were, but they were good.

Service was good.  The people are nice and friendly.

I would go back to Smash Burger again.  I black bean burger is a very good vegetarian option!!!