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Monday, September 7, 2015

Agra Cafe

Agra Cafe
4325 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Agra Cafe is tucked into a corner in the same retail center as Garage Pizza in Silver Lake.  The shopping center once housed the now closed, Tang's Donuts and Sandwiches.

It is a very nicely decorated restaurant, with lots of tables.  I got my order for take out.

Samosa, $3.95.  The outside was a bit overdone.  But, had a good crispy texture.  The inside was just too bland, no flavor at all.

Shrimp Saagwala, $13.95, shrimp with chopped spinach and spices.  I asked for medium spiciness.  Not what I expected, but this was a very good dish.  About eight medium sized shrimp were covered in a spinach stew.  The spinach was nicely flavored but, it wasn't even spicy!!  The shrimp were pretty fresh and pretty good.  I don't think this was worth the price tag, even if this dish had the right spiciness!

Service by the guy who took my order was good.  He was nice and helpful.  The lady who gave me my order, was terrible.  She didn't say anything, not even a Thank you!!  She needs to learn customer service skills!!

The lack of customer service by that lady wouldn't prevent me from going back to Agra Cafe, but the high prices and only pretty good food, would prevent me from going back!