Monday, July 29, 2013

Silverlake Ramen

Silverlake Ramen
2927 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles

Silver Lake has a wide variety of cuisines but Asian restaurants isn't a strong point.  So when I walked into Silver Lake Ramen, I wasn't expecting a lot.

Located on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Parkman/Silver Lake Blvd., in a very dated shopping center, Silver Lake Ramen is a small sized restaurant with seating for about 20 people.  It wasn't too crowded when I walked into the restaurant.

I know ordering sushi at a ramen restaurant is the ideal way of reviewing that restaurant, but I'm not a fan of ramen.  But, the gorgeous woman I was with loves ramen and wanted to try Silver Lake Ramen.  Who am I to say no?

Cucumber crab salad-cucumbers, crab, seasame flake, with house vinegar dressing-$3.95.  This was fresh, light, refreshing, but a complete rip-off.  First, the good part.  All the veggies were fresh, cucumbers tasted as they they were on the vine the day before.  The dressing added to the salad, not overpowered it.  But, there was barely any crab-very thinly cut round pieces, and I'm pretty sure it was imitation crab! 

Spicy tuna hand roll, $3.50.  The thing about the hand rolls here is that the seaweed paper was so tough!!  I don't know if they are using bad quality or just old seaweed paper, but I needed a knife to cut through the paper!  You should be able to take a bite of the roll without too much effort. 

Anyways the sushi was fresh, and the rice very good.  Something about the rice made this roll good despite the toughness of the seaweed paper.

Shrimp tempura roll, $4.95.  Besides the seaweed paper, this was a very good roll.  The shrimp tempura was cooked perfectly and the other ingredients were fresh.  I like this roll and it was a very good value, considering the large size.

Service was good.  The server was nice and friendly, though she did forget my friend's salad. 

Again, I know judging a ramen restaurant on their sushi is like judging a steakhouse on their vegetarian items.  But, overall I was fairly impressed with Silver Lake Ramen's sushi.  My gorgeous friend loved her ramen.