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Saturday, July 20, 2013


801 S LA Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Rascal is across La Brea from the original, though now closed, Umami Burger- which is now a Tru Burger,  and just one block south of the now closed New York BBQ,  which was first replaced by  Obo Burger and is now a Mo Better Burgers.   A Battle Burgers on La Brea maybe in the works!

Rascal is a neighborhood gastropub with a nice beer selection and good menu.  It's a fairly good sized bar, but the noise level is really loud here.  It wasn't too crowded on the Friday night I came here.

Seared Tuna salad, $14, avocado, tomatoes, mixed greens, scallions, and wasabi mayo dressing.  The seared tuna was fresh but served a little too rare for my tastes, they could have stayed on the grill for a minute or two longer and they would have been perfect.  But, they were fresh and tasty.  The greens and avocado were all fresh.  The wasabi mayo was pretty mild, I was expecting more heat, but was a nice touch to this salad.  While the salad was good, it wasn't great and not worth the $14 price tag.  I know ahi tuna isn't cheap and they put a good sized portion in the salad, but $14 for this?  Not worth the price.

Service was good.  The server was nice and friendly.

I know people don't usually get a salad at a gastropub, you go for comfort food.  While the salad was good, it wasn't outstanding.  The burgers looked good, so if I come back here, I will give them a try.  Overall a good place to have a beer but I say the salad is overpriced.