Thursday, July 11, 2013

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant-Closed

Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum & BBQ
18558 Gale Ave

When I go for dim sum, I usually only eat three things; shu mai, chao siu bao and har gow.  So, when I see places like Seafood Village Dim Sum, where it's fast and to go, I'm all over it.  I found out about Four Seasons while driving on Gale Ave.  I thought about going into the restaurant, but when I saw the Dim Sum and BBQ To Go, next door, I went there instead.

A small sized place with steam tables for dim sum, entrees, and roasted duck and BBQ pork hanging in the display case.  For dim sum, all orders are $1.83 Mon-Fri and over $2 on the weekends.  Just like Seafood Village Dim Sum-I wonder if they are owned by the same people?  Anything left over at 3pm, Mon-Fri is every further discounted to $1.33.  But, that also means the items have been sitting at the steam table for a very long time.

Har gow-shrimp dumpling.  This was bland, dry, and not appealing.  The shrimp was ok, but the dumpling wrap was too dry.  Add soy sauce or hot sauce to this to add flavor.  I wouldn't order this again!

Pork shu mai with shrimp- A very good example of pork shu mai.  Tender, flavorful, well seasoned pork, wrapped in a thin wrapper.  The shrimp was on point and tender.   A steal, even at the weekend prices.

Chao siu bao-though they are fairly small, the BBQ pork is well cooked with lots of flavor.  I would prefer a fluffier, lighter bun, but overall a good chao siu bao.

Service is good.  The lady is friendly, nice and helpful.

I would go back to Four Seasons any time.  If I had to pick between Four Seasons and Seafood Village, they would be a tie for the shu mai, but Four Season wins the chao siu bao.

Update Dec 7, 2013