Monday, July 15, 2013

Huarache Azteca Restaurante

Huarache Azteca Restaurante
5225 York Blvd
Los Angeles
(323) 478-9572 

Huarache Azteca Restaurante is between two restaurant that I already reviewed,  west of Maximiliano  and east of The York.  Even though I've passed by  Huarache Azteca, I never noticed it.

A good sized restaurant with seating in the front and back, Huarache Azteca,  specializes in the huarache, a fried masa dough, topped with red sauce, cilantro, queso fresco cheese and any meat.  This was the first time I've had huarache and I was really looking forward to it.

Grande huarache, $4.99 with chicken.  Wow was this good!!  The huarache was nicely fried and crisphy.  But, most important, it held up to all the toppings.  The red sauce was flavorful but not spicy at all.  The chicken was grilled perfect with lots of flavor.  The queso fresco cheese really added a cool taste to the dish.  There was too much cilantro for my tastes, but overall what a great dish.

Service is friendly but below average.   When I walked in, there was a line, so I figured out that's where I had to order.  But, there were menus on the tables, so people maybe confused on their system.  But, remember to order at the cashier.  We then sat down, but my order took forever!  Not sure why.  People at our table who ordered after me, got their food much quicker than I did.  After eating, you go back to the cashier and pay.  They need to fix this weird and confusing system.  If I didn't see the line, I would have sat down at an open table.

I was very impressed with the huarache at Huarache Azteca Restaurante and would love to go back again.  But, the service leaves a lot to be desired, so I won't rush back.